Developmental / Cultural / Experimental Psychologist

About me

I’m an experimental and quantitative psychologist from Australia, presently based at Keele University (UK). My primary interest is in cultural evolution and understanding how human cumulative culture can be understood with regard to evolutionary principles. I study ritual, groups, social learning, and supernatural beliefs.

My research primarily involves working with both children and adults in a diverse range of cultures. I have also worked with databases, and dabbled in formal simulations, and hope to extend this work further. I am committed to open and transparent practices. I am 100% in support of open science, pre-registration, and publishing datasets and material.

I obtained my PhD in the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland, Australia with Mark Nielsen, followed by a three-year postdoctoral research position in the School of Anthropology at Oxford University with Harvey Whitehouse. I am currently a lecturer in developmental psychology at Keele University.


University of Queensland
PhD, Experimental Psychology (2014 - 2017).

Bachelors Degree, Psychological Science with Hons. (2009 - 2012).


University of Oxford
Postdoctoral Researcher in the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography (2017 - 2020).